Superset Concrete offer all types of concreting services


At Superset Concrete we can give you a stylish and solid concrete driveway in plain, coloured or exposed aggregate concrete.
We’re experienced at pouring all types of concrete driveways and we always achieve the highest standard. A concrete driveway is an investment in your property and since you only get one chance to get it right, it pays to call the team with experience.
We’ll transform any area into a functional and visually appealing driveway regardless of length, grade or other difficult circumstance.


If you’re after something special, talk to us about our concrete imprinting services.
For driveways, paths, patios or any other concreted area we have a variety of templates which can transform plain concrete surfaces to look like paving stones, cobblestones, river stones and a variety of other beautiful patterns.
Concrete imprinting is one of our main specialties, CHECK OUT OUR GALLERY to see some of the fantastic results we’ve achieved.


Concrete floors are an attractive and practical option for residential and commercial spaces.
Benefits of concrete floors include:
Durability – Concrete is very difficult to damage and lasts a very long time
Easy to maintain – Keeping a concrete floor looking good requires a bare minimum of maintenance
Energy savings – Concrete absorbs heat from sunlight and releases it at night which can reduce your heating bills
Stylish – Polished concrete is an attractive and popular option for many residential and commercial properties


Whatever concreting services you need you can call us at Superset Concrete we can do anything with concrete!
As well as driveways, floor slabs and concrete imprinting, we have years of experience in:
● Patios
● Footpaths
● Retaining walls
● Breaking up and removal of old concrete
● and more

If you have a special project that requires concrete expertise, give us a call.
We always put the customer’s needs first and whatever concrete project you’re dreaming of, we can make it a reality!